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Economical Benefits Of Neutering Cats

Neutering is beneficial to both the owner and the pet. Neutering or spaying is the process of removal of testes in a male cat and removal of ovaries in the female cat. It is hard to accept, but cats don’t have enough homes for adoption. American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that there are about 3.4 million cats enters shelters every year. But the important fact is that neutering and spaying will help your cat to live a healthy and a long life. Cat neutering West Palm Beach is doing this process as a service. There are many benefits of neutering and spaying they are as follows.

Prevents diseases

Spaying your female cat before her first estrous cycle has a great advantage; it reduces the risk of cervical cancer and it will also put an end to ovarian cancer. The reason behind this is removing the ovaries reduces the hormone levels that supports the growth of cancerous tumors. And it also reduces the risk of mammary cancer as well.


Population control

It is essential to neuter a female cat before she can have kittens herself. This happens in a quicker manner depending on the time of year born, breed, and individual development. The first season of the cat usually occurs in the first six months or it can be ever earlier than that. They can have up to three litters in a year.

Welfare issues

It is hard to accept that unwanted kittens will not care much and they are likely to suffer from many infectious diseases such as cat flu or even worse diseases. It is hard for them to find new homes for them.

Wildlife issues

There are more chances for the cats with kittens to get hunt more often and if they are not being fed they will be cached to feed other wildlife kittens.Get more information Click Here